United in Action!

251 picket line

Thank you to everyone for your tremendous showing of support at the informational picket line!

Local 251 members and our supporters in the community and the labor movement turned out in force in front of Rhode Island Hospital.

Our message to Lifespan is simple: We will make our voices heard until you reach an agreement for a fair contract that protects good jobs and quality care at Rhode Island Hospital.

Pubic supporters launched an online petition to speak out to Lifespan. In a matter of hours, more than 10,000 people signed the petition and the numbers continue to grow.

We are not just speaking for ourselves and we are not alone. The public shares our concerns about fairness, good jobs, and quality patient care.

We will work hard at the bargaining table to get management to listen and to reach agreement on a fair contract. We are confident we will get that done.

Hospital employees have made their concerns and priorities very clear. Until management listens to employees and the community, we will continue to turn up the volume step-by-step.

With all your actions, from wearing buttons and bracelets to walking on the picket line, you are showing Lifespan that we are united and ready to do what it takes. This unity in action is what gives us the power to win a fair contract.  So keep it up!

Click here to sign the online petition. Remember to send it to your family and friends too!

Click here to see more photos and coverage on Facebook.

Text the word Contract to 313131 to sign up for updates by blast text.

picket line 2

picket line 3

Contract Update – Wed. Jan. 28

The informational picket line is on for Thursday. Click here for details. After you read this bargaining update, you will want to be there to show your support for a fair contract.

In contract negotiations today, the Hospital continued to take positions that are insulting to Teamster members.

The members sent us to the bargaining table to be your voice. And we have spoken up on your issues: Job Security, Fair Epic Implementation, Fair Wages and Benefits, Better Retirement, Respect & Dignity, Adequate Staffing and Equipment and Quality Care.

There is a lot of negotiating to be done and we look forward to reaching an agreement on a fair contract.

But at this point, the voices of Teamster employees are not being heard by HR.

When Teamsters don’t feel heard, we speak up LOUDER.We have an escalation plan to turn up the volume.

It’s not about one mailing, or one Speak-out or one informational picket line. It’s about speaking up until members are heard.

Tomorrow, we will begin speaking out online and so will our supporters. If you’ve got email, keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow morning.

And tomorrow afternoon, we will be speaking out right in front of the Hospital at our informational picket line. Stop by off the clock between 2 and 5:30 pm.

Lifespan’s positions are insulting
• Violating members rights when it comes to Epic.
• No Job Security.
• No wage increases for two years.
• No Restrictions on Temps or Subcontracting
• No Improvement in our Retirement.
• No Safe Staffing

It’s time to show management how we feel.

Come out to the informational picket line. Let’s make our voices heard.

Our contract expires on January 30. But all wages, benefits and working conditions will remain 100% the same—and contract negotiations will continue on Feb 6.

Informational Picket at RI Hospital


A little snow won’t stop us from speaking out for a fair contract at Rhode Island Hospital.

We will hold an informational picket line at the corner of Eddy and Dudley St. on Thursday, Jan. 29 between 2 pm and 530 pm.

Work your regular shift and come by to show your support before or after work. Do not come when you are on clock.

It’s time to show Lifespan management that we are insulted by their demands and united for a fair contract.

Hospital Talks Continue Wed.

Contract negotiations will continue with the Hospital on Wednesday at 2 pm.

Teamster employees sent us to the table with clear priority issues, including:

  • Job Security & Fair Epic Implementation
  • Fair Wage Increases & Retirement Security
  • Safe Staffing & Quality Patient Care

The Hospital has proposed two years without a wage increase, the elimination of all job security protections, an end to Teamster health benefits, and other outrageous demands that are a slap in the face to dedicated employees.

Local 251 members will speak out at bargaining table and in the community until we have won a fair contract. We’re United for a Fair Contract!

contract bulletin -- jan 27

Unity Overflows at Speakout

Next Up: 10-Day Notice of Informational Picket


More than 450 Hospital employees rallied with elected officials, clergy, labor leaders and community members at the Worker & Community Speakout for Good Jobs & Quality Care.

We ran out of seats but there was no shortage of unity or solidarity! Click here to see photos from the Speakout. 

Hundreds of Hospital workers signed up to participate in upcoming actions to show management that their proposals are a slap in the face and we are united for fair contract.

We are issuing a 10-day notice to Rhode Island Hospital that we will hold a rally and informational picket on Thursday.

We will raise our voices at negotiating table, right in front of the Hospital and wherever necessary until management reaches a common sense agreement on a new contract that includes job security, fair wages, more retirement security, and safe staffing and quality care.

Hospital workers and community members spoke in one voice on Saturday.

Thanks to all Local 251 members for attending and showing their support.

And thank you to all the elected officials, clergy, labor leaders and community members who turned out to show their concern, including Congressman Jim Langevin, Congressman David Cicilline, State Treasurer Seth Magaziner, State Representative Aaron Regunberg, City Councilwoman Carmen Castillo.

Text CONTRACT to 313131 to get updates on negotiations and the next steps in our campaign for a fair contract.


Contract Update — Thurs. Jan. 15

contract bulletin -- jan 15With their insulting contract proposals on Monday, management told every Teamster at the Hospital that they are not interested in hearing our concerns.

But workers at Rhode Island Hospital are speaking up and sending a message that cannot be ignored.

Everywhere in the Hospital, members are reading contract bulletins and wearing Union bracelets and buttons to show support for a Fair Contract, Good Jobs & Quality Care.

After spending the day in negotiations on Wednesday, we can tell you this: management is hearing your voices loud and clear.

It was a different tone in negotiations on Wednesday. That being said, the Hospital is still not addressing the issues at the heart of a fair contract.

They have not changed any of their insulting proposals on wages, health benefits, or retirement security.

They are not addressing our job security concerns, including limiting temps and subcontracting. And they are not responding to any of our concerns about staffing and patient care.

We need to keep speaking in a clear voice until management responds on our priority issues and agrees to a fair contract.

Come to the Speak-out for Good Jobs & Quality Care on Saturday at Our Lady of the Rosary Church at 4 p.m.

Come to the Speakout on Saturday afternoon and make your voice heard.

The church is located at 463 Benefit Street in Providence. There is free parking

We are speaking up for a job security, fair wages, better retirement, and safe staffing. We can win a fair contract if we make our voices heard.

Call the Contract Hotline at 888-837-4536 and let us know that you’re coming or click here to RSVP on Facebook.


Hospital Proposals Are a Slap in the Face

slap-in-the-face-300x222No jobs security. No wage increases for nine months. No retirement security. No more Teamster medical benefits. No language changes to address unsafe staffing and improve patient care.

Management’s contract proposals are a slap in the face to every Rhode Island Hospital employee and every person in the community that is concerned about good jobs and quality patient care.

Click the picture to get instantly slapped and read the Hospital’s proposals for yourself.