Stop Privatization of the Postal Service

Rally – Thursday, April 24, 11:00 AM

A National Day of Action has been called by the American Postal Workers Union on Thursday, April 24, 2014 to stop postal privatization at Staples Stores nationally. APWU Local 387 President Ann Albro-Mathieu has written a letter asking all unions for support of their rally at the Staples Store, 555 North Main Street, Providence, RI on Thursday, April 24, 2014 from 11:00AM to 1:00PM.

Please make every effort to support our Brothers and Sisters at the United States Postal Service!

Workers at Big Blue Bug Solutions are Organizing

bigbluebugTeamsters Local 251 is organizing workers at Big Blue Bug Solutions. Workers want fair wages and respect on the job as they are being pushed to work harder than ever. With high unemployment in Rhode Island, iconic companies like Big Blue Bug can set an example by paying fair wages and hiring needed workers. Instead they push for more work for near minimum wages. Join the Teamsters in support of the right for workers to organize.

Thursday, May 1
6:30 am – 8 am
Big Blue Bug Solutions
161 O’Connell St.
Providence, RI

Local 251 Sells Fleet of Cars to Benefit Members

Cars to be sold in sealed bid auction.

UPDATED April 14, 2014: For years, Local 251 officials maintained a fleet of union cars that were used by the Business Agents but paid for with your dues money. We don’t believe this is the right policy for our Union and we are making a u-turn.

Union representatives now drive their own cars and receive a modest car allowance to compensate them for wear and tear. This is standard procedure in Teamster local unions and it will save you dues money.

Teamsters Local 251 is selling the fleet of cars used by the old administration and putting the funds to work for the membership.

We are selling the cars off through a sealed bid auction of the cars.

Any member of Local 251 is eligible to submit bids for the cars listed in the announcement of the auction here. The car will be awarded to the highest bidder as long as that bid is above the value of the car.

The sealed bids will be opened at the next monthly meeting, Sunday April 27, 2014.

RIH Steward Election

Saturday March 8th RI Hospital members elected their stewards and negotiating committee. A big congratulations to Antonio Suazo, Brooke Reeves, Armando Brasil and Gary DaSilva for being elected stewards and liasons.

A full list of stewards by shift and department will be posted on union bulletin boards throughout the Hospital.


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