You’ll Never Believe Who Lifespan Blames for Short Staffing. YOU!

fingerpointing-on-understaffing-150Finger-pointing Lifespan executives say that employees are the ones to blame for short-staffing.

Hospital officials told an RIPR healthcare reporter that, “It’s been tough to keep staffing levels up because a lot of union employees are out on leaves of absence.”

Lifespan also said that employee claims that understaffing quality patient care are, “totally false.

Management denies understaffing is a problem and blames employees for understaffing all at the same time.

Management should stop playing the blame game and focus on negotiating a fair contract that addresses employee concerns.

RIH Contract Update – Feb. 19

Yesterday, Local 251 members at Rhode Island Hospital voted by 95 percent to send Lifespan a message. Today that message was heard loud and clear–and it paid dividends at the bargaining table, where we were joined by a Federal Mediator.

Management withdrew proposals that would have undermined our seniority rights by requiring us to take a vacant position. Your bumping rights are protected.

Today, Lifespan agreed to respect the seniority rights of Local 251 members.

If your job is eliminated, management can encourage you to take an open position. But you have seniority and bumping rights and you can use them.

Score one for member unity. We’ll need to keep it up because we have a way’s to go.

Management refused to give us any counter-proposals on Job Security, No Layoff language, and subcontracting. Management told us across the table, “Those are your issues, not mine”

They’ve got that wrong. These issues are EVERYONE’s issues and management needs to deal with them if they want to reach an agreement. The same goes for fair wage increases, retirement, and staffing.

Contract negotiations will continue on March 4 and March 6.

We’ll continue to unite members and the public for good jobs and quality care. Our unity is paying off. Let’s keep it up.

Building Power by Involving Members

matt-taibi-200-225Our union is on the move. I want to thank Local 251 members for stepping up and making it happen.

We began the year by cutting officer pay by $300,000 and investing your dues money in the real source of our union’s power: the membership.

We asked members to step up and get more involved in our union and you have answered the call.

We’re building new alliances with unions and community groups like Jobs with Justice to help Teamsters and all workers win a better future.

The Fall 2014 Teamsters Local 251 Report shares the news about what we’ve accomplished together so far this year.

Some of our biggest work is ahead of us, including contract negotiations for close to 2,500 Teamsters at Rhode Island Hospital.

As the issue is being mailed out to members, members at the Hospital are launching a contract campaign.

We’re uniting Teamsters, other unions and the community to win good jobs, a fair contract and quality care for patients and their families.

Local 251 members are showing the power Teamsters can have when we get involved and work together. United, we win!

Matt Taibi
Local 251 Secretary-Treasurer

NEW Local 251 Report is in the Mail!

The Fall 2014 issue of the Local 251 report is in the mail to members.

Check out the report to read updates on the Rhode Island Hospital contract campaign and organizing victories at Woonsocket Housing Authority, Airgas, Petro, First Student, Fall River DPW, Cardi Ready Mix, PJ Keating, Twin River Casino, UPS and more. The Report includes reports on Local 251 events and info on applying for a Local 251 Scholarship award.

Click here to download the full 16-page report.

Wage Hikes at First Student

The wage increases covers First Student drivers in three yards where the company had a driver shortage. Next up, First Student drivers in Providence are headed to the bargaining table. And next year, the national First Student contract will be negotiated.