9.5 Rights Enforcement Packet

The Local 251 9.5 Rights Enforcement Packet makes it easier for UPS members to enforce your 9.5 Protections. Click here to download the complete 6-page packet. Or choose from the items below.

How to Enforce Your 9.5 Rights
Download a step-by-step explanation of your 9.5 Rights, including 9.5 Rights for Cover Drivers.

9.5 Documentation Form
Download a one-page form to keep a record of when you work three days over 9.5 hours a week.

9.5 Opt-In List Request Form
Download the official form that you give to management when you want to go on the 9.5 Opt-In List. (Remember to take your steward to the office.) Make three copies of this form—one for your shop steward, one for the company and one for your own records.

9.5 Grievance Form
Download an easy-to-use grievance form that cites the correct contract articles for 9.5 violations. Under International Union rules, you can only file a 9.5 grievance AFTER you are already on the Opt-In List.