Mike Simone Organizing Report March 2020

I filed charges against Bevilacqua Asphalt in July of 2019 regarding Steve Bevilacqua barring a former employee (engaged in a prior organizing campaign with the company) from his plant. The former Bevilacqua driver was working for another employer and went to the plant to pick up a load of asphalt. Steve Bevilacqua berated the employee about the union and instructed him to leave the property without loading the asphalt.The Region 1 (Boston) NLRB office sided with the union and issued a complaint against Bevilacqua. Steve Bevilacqua would not respond to the complaint and the case was referred to the General Counsel (NLRB) in Washington. On March 30,2020 the General Counsel issued its decision in favor of Teamsters Local 251. Bevilacqua Asphalt cannot bar the employee or any former employee from the plant. Bevilacqua must notify the employee’s current employer that the barred driver will be allowed to enter the plant and load. Bevilacqua must post an official notice in his plant describing the company’s illegal acts. Bevilacqua must also notify all past drivers about his illegal activity and the NLRB decision.

I want to thank member Kevin Villandry (AirGas) for helping to organize Smithfield cafeteria workers. Kevin put the members in touch with me to organize. Teamsters Local 251 contacted Unite Here Local 26. Unite Here Local 26 has a history with cafeteria workers and contracts with the same company in Smithfield. The workers are now union members with Here Local 26! Once again, a victory because a Teamster member took the time to talk to some non-union workers! Great job Kevin!

Just a note: The NLRB has suspended all union elections until further notice because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

I would like to remind our members to speak with non-union workers when the opportunity arises about the benefits of being a Teamster. Our members make the best organizers! United We Bargain…Divided We Beg!

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