Moving Ahead, Overcoming Sabotage

The new Local 251 is moving ahead despite shredding and sabotage by outgoing officers.

After the election, Secretary-Treasurer Matt Taibi reached out to Joe Bairos and the outgoing Local 251 leadership to coordinate a smooth transition. Bairos responded by shredding documents, sabotaging computer equipment and impeding the transition at every turn.

As for former President Kevin Reddy. There are no signs that he has even been in the Local 251 Union Hall in the last two years. The only paperwork in Reddy’s office was a stack of direct deposit receipts left for him on his desk and grievance files that are two years old.

It’s a sad reminder of what happens when Union officials forget the Teamster constitutional oath that, “It is the members that put me here and the members whom I will serve.”

Other former Business Agents have worked with Local 251 to keep our union moving forward. We thank them for putting the members first.

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