Union Action Makes UPS Deliver Full-Time Jobs

UPS part-timers haven’t had a fair shot at full-time jobs in years. But tougher contract enforcement is making UPS deliver more full-time jobs.

By standing up to excessive workloads, Local 251 put pressure on management to hire more full-time drivers to handle the work. The result? UPS is creating full-time positions and moving part-timers into the full-time ranks.

I’m Finally Full-Time

Brian Werth“Management strung me along for 13 months to block me from going fulltime.

“My new business agent really went to bat for me. After 18 years, I’m finally a full-time driver .

“A full-time job means stability—steady hours, better pay and more retirement security. It’s put my family on a more secure footing. It shows what our union can be.”

Brian Werth, UPS

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