Standing Up at UPS

Teamster drivers at UPS were tired of unrealistic workloads and unwanted excessive overtime. A grievance campaign is delivering results.

Fed up with excessive hours and workloads, Local 251 members at UPS launched a grievance campaign to enforce contract protections against excessive overtime.

Drivers united and filed grievances—and the campaign paid off. UPS has adjusted drivers’ loads and paid penalty pay to members who were forced to work excessive overtime.

Overloaded No More

Coval Wild“My truck was overloaded and I was handling 800 packages a day.

“I had to start early, stay late and get help from other drivers just to get the packages delivered
before the businesses closed. Every day was a struggle.

“I filed grievances and it paid off.

“Now, I have a realistic work load and my stress level is way down. I come to work, do the job, and
then I go home and see my family.

“That’s the way it should be.”

Coval Wild, UPS

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