UPS Driver Saves Customer’s Life

riannaMike Rianna, a UPS package driver, has seen a lot in his 17 years on the job. But nothing compares to the day last December when his actions saved a customer’s life. Rianna stopped at a house where he usually leaves packages at the front door. But it was freezing cold, so when he saw the garage door was open he looked inside to deliver the package directly to the customer.

Instead, Mike Rianna found a woman lying motionless on the ground. While his helper called 911, Rianna was able to get her to come to, enough to help her inside the house and out of the cold. Inside, the woman began to convulse with a seizure. Mike and his helper waited with her until the paramedics arrived.

“At first, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” Mike said. “I wasn’t going to leave her in the freezing cold. If a person needs help, you take initiative and don’t stop to think about it.” It was later that Mike learned the difference his actions had made.

The woman’s husband contacted UPS to track down Rianna and thank him. That’s when Mike found out that the customer he’d found on the garage floor had suffered a stroke. Doctors say she would not have survived another hour or two in the cold, if Mike hadn’t helped her.

Later, Mike learned from another customer on his route that the woman is recovering and doing well. “I’ve always had a soft spot for the elderly and people in need,” Mike said. “I’m glad I was able help out.”

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