Young Worker Leadership Institute

The Rhode Island AFL-CIO has been invited to participate in the Young Worker Leadership Institute- August 5-9 in Ohio. The RI AFL-CIO has 2 spots at this exciting conference to train and connect young union leaders from across the country. The AFL-CIO will be taking care of flights, hotels, and 2 meals a day and the Rhode Island AFL-CIO will be providing a $200 stipend for meals, taxis, and incidental expenses.

Young leaders in our union who may be interested in attending can apply here.

The YWLI is an advanced training that builds the labor movement by investing in young labor activists. The curriculum prepares young union members to build and help lead policy, organizing and political campaigns in their communities and through our Young Worker Advisory Council.

Developing Young Workers as Leaders

o   A key element to creating long lasting and impactful young worker groups is investing in personal development of young working people. These sessions will focus on how to have effective one on one conversations, developing a vision, leading without holding an elected position and better understanding the purpose, program, process and politics of leading a young worker group.

Moving Young Worker Groups to Action

o   Starting a group can be daunting but figuring out what to do next can be an even bigger challenge. These sessions focus on how to strategize to improve the effectiveness of their young worker group and participate in and host actions, events and campaigns, with a focus on the 2016 elections, that engage young workers and move them to action.

Transforming Young Worker Groups

o   As part of the New Majority, young people be the change they want to see. This means being intentional about working with AFL-CIO Central Labor bodies and holding inclusive spaces for people of color, women, LGBTQ, immigrants, etc.

Activating Young People for the 2016 Elections

o   The 2016 elections are key to ensuring we change an economy that is out of balance. Participants will lead put the skills learned in the prior days into direct action through a canvass where participants will talk about the issues with voters in Ohio, and through a Youth Town Hall to lift up the issues that matter to young people.

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