Take Action Today To Fight for All Essential Workers

Teamsters Local 251 has joined 75 unions and organizations nationwide to fight for an Essential Workers Bill of Rights, including hazard pay and workplace safety protections.

Right now, millions of essential workers are out on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis saving lives.

But instead of giving us what we need, essential workers are being placed in high-risk conditions without hazard pay, appropriate equipment, safety standards, or job protections. Nonunion workers have it worst of all.

Very soon, Congress will introduce the next economic recovery bill. They have a HUGE opportunity to protect essential workers but we need to be as loud as we can.

Join Local 251 members and over 75 local and national organizations by taking action today.

Sign the Petition for an Essential Worker Bill of Rights

Record a Video with this easy tool encouraging your members of Congress support an Essential Worker Bill of Rights.

One union! One goal! Let’s stand together today to win respect for all essential workers.

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