RI Hospital Members: New Incentive Pay Program

Teamsters Local 251 would like to announce that we have successfully come to an agreement with Lifespan on an “Incentive Pay Program” that is designed to encourage members particularly in areas of need to sign up and commit to open and available shifts in advance. The Hospital will pay an incentive for working a minimum of 8 additional hours above the regularly scheduled hours in a week.

  • Employees must sign up for additional shifts (open and available) for the upcoming week(s).
  • Such shifts will be scheduled and designated as the employee’s incentive shift(s).
  • Blast pages are eligible for the incentive so long as employees make every effort to sign up in advance for the open and available shifts on the schedule.
  • The incentive pay will be paid in addition to any straight time, shift differential, holiday and overtime pay (including double time) as set forth in the CBA.
  • The amount of the incentive pay will depend on the shift (day, evening, night) and weekday or weekend. Incentive increases for off-shifts during weekdays and weekend shifts.

IMPORTANT: Employees incentive shifts may be scheduled to float both within and outside their department (including the field hospital) based on the needs of the Hospital.

The Union proposed all departments under the CBA be eligible for this “Incentive Pay”. So far the Hospital has only agreed to Nursing ( Nursing Assistants ). We willcontinue to advocate for all of our Teamsters brothers and sisters to be added to this incentive program. We will continue our talks with Hospital management to have other impacted departments added. We will keep you posted on the addition of departments as they become available.

Eligible employees will be paid shift incentive payments for each 4-hour shift worked in excess of their standard hours. Payments for each incentive shift worked will be based on the day, time, and duration of the incentive shift:

4 hours Weekday / Weekend
Day $28  / $34
Evening $34  /  $40
Night $40  / $46

Example 1: An employee who works an additional Monday 8-hour night shift (11 pm to 7:30am) would be paid 2 x $40 or a total of $80 for that shift.

Example 2: An employee who works an additional Saturday 12-hour night shift (7pm to 7:30am) would be paid 1 x $34 + 2 x $46 or a total of $126 for that shift.

Per Diem employee’s shall be eligible for an incentive of 6% for hours worked of at least 125 and less than 250, and for an incentive of 12% for all hours worked if total hours exceed 250.

Incentive payments will be paid no later than 14-days after the incentive week.

  • An employee’s commitment to additional temporary hours does not affect the employee’s benefit program eligibility. Benefit eligibility will continue to be based on the employee’s regularly scheduled non-incentive shift hours.
  • Additional hours will be allocated fairly and equitable by seniority, consistent with unit and department practice and the CBA.
  • Employees may not work more than sixteen-and-a-half (16.5) consecutive hours and will be granted at least seven (7) hours off before the start of the next work shift. The Hospital reserves the right to limit the number and length of the shift based on employee and patient safety.
  • Any unscheduled absences during a weekly schedule will make the employee ineligible for the incentive during the week in which the absence occurs, (absences due to COVID and approved by EOHS may be exceptions).
  • Availability of this program is at the Hospital discretion and may be discontinued at any time. The program and all plan components will be assessed at least once every two (2) weeks by the Hospital and discussed with the Union to determine if the program should be extended or discontinued.

We will continue talks with Hospital management to track and amend as necessary this Incentive program. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our Liaisons are available Monday through Friday.

Gary DaSilva  (401) 639 -1584 (M/Thur)
Decio Goulart  (401) 327 -1922 (T/Wed)
Vinny Lasorsa  (401) 487-3663 (M/F)
Kelley McNally  (401) 230 -2976 (Tues)

Paul Santos
President, BA Teamsters Local 251

Tony Suazo
Vice President, ABA Teamsters Local 251

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