Strike! Workers at Johnson Brothers Demand Living Wages and Better Healthcare

In September 2020, 12 workers from Johnson Brothers Distributing, the exclusive supplier of Gallo Wine products in Rhode Island, voted to join Teamsters Local 251 in East Providence.

The workers get paid as little as $15 per hour and may pay up to $20,300 per year out of their pocket to pay for substandard family healthcare coverage.

The company has dragged out negotiations, increased their workload by not supplying helpers on bigger loads, and offered a measly 5 cents more per hour above their normal paltry raises. They have also rejected improvements to healthcare coverage and retirement security.

We believe the company has also committed unfair labor practices.

The workers had no choice except to withhold their labor and go on strike.Show Johnson Brothers that Rhode Islanders stick together and don’t appreciate bigwig outsiders from Minnesota, Florida, and California coming here and treating their minority workforce like second-class citizens.

Picket lines are up 24 hours a day at:
Johnson Brothers of RI
120 Moscrip Ave
North Kingstown RI 02852

A year ago, they were heroes. They deserve better treatment!
Let Johnson Brothers know about your concerns:
651-649-5800 Corporate 401-583-0050 Rhode Island

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