Matt Maini March 2020 BA Report


Safety committees worked with all stewards this week and we were able to get supplies for cleaning building. Hours of service was relaxed per the DOT, FMCSA and President of the United States. We are seeing peak like numbers and have rental trucks on property to move more work. COVID19 outbreak hot line and number are out and ready to help with pay issues for drivers and part timers. Please contact the local union if you become ill. We encourage drivers to wait until 5 minutes before their starts to go in the building to keep people from gathering in groups. We encouraging drivers to not be more than 5 drivers to DIAD rooms in the morning to keep distance at building. Please make sure if you have any questions to see your stewards so that we can help as much as we can.


Centrex is in full operations and working full swing. We have shut off time clock that people are not touching it together. The company is running the same crew and on all trucks to make sure that we limit contact with crews. The company is getting hand sanitizer bottles for all workers each week for their hands. Drivers have been instructed to drop on docks and limit contact with stores when on deliveries, and to not go into restaurants or bars, for all drivers to leave at the door.

McLaughlin & Moran

They are in full swing and operating daily. We made sure at the daily bid board one driver at a time so that we are socially distancing ourselves. The company is reaching out to get hand sanitizer for drivers and night crew. Drivers are instructed to drop product at loading docks so we are not in stores, and not to go inside restaurants and bars, while dropping at door.

Construction: Heavy highway, ReadyMix and Crash truck

As of March 29, all national projects are open and working under CDC rules. No persons can go on sites other than the workers assigned to the sites. Hours of service have been lifted by the DOT and President. Contract and negotiations for all agreements are coming up and we are working on ways that we are hoping to handle this under the new rules for social distancing. More information to come. We are asking all Construction workers to sign up on locals website for text alerts going forward.


We are the mighty Teamsters and like anything else we will survive. Stick together and take care of each other in this time that we are in right now. Know that we will SURVIVE!

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