Bob Sayer BA Report March 2020

ABF: Layoffs in effect. 2 of 3 Utility runs cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic. All Road jobs that can be converted to Meet and Turns will be done until the crisis is over. Sanctioned by the IBT.

Airgas: Business levels slowing down but all employees are working. Very little overtime.

Amerigas: 3 employees out self-quarantining out of precaution leaving the burden on the other ½ of the group. I have been in constant contact with their H/R Director trying to keep the operation running and making sure that my people have the necessary PPE to protect them. Lisa Viera has been a trooper throughout this mess.

Buckley: 1 termination filed for Arbitration over a Company policy. A driver was issued a warning letter.

Exxon Mobil: Settled an Arbitration for Gordon Mac Donald who went off into a well deserved retirement. We have a new plant Manager that has been a huge improvement over the last one who created the unnecessary case that was settled. All workers practicing social distancing and safe practices.

J.F. Moran: had a small layoff because of the Corona virus. Very slow due to the imports from China being monitored. 1 dockworker could be permanently laid off.

National Grid: Discussion of sequestering employees to one week 24 hour shifts during this pandemic to keep social distancing and less interacting between shifts. This will be voluntary, discussions are ongoing.

New Penn: Hard and soft layoffs in effect during the crisis. Change of Operations put on hold until this passes. Some of the employees have self-quarantined but no reported virus known.

Petro: negotiations via teleconference ongoing, getting close on the Service Techs, Drivers, Mechanics and oil dispatch. We expect strong contracts there. Also pending are the severance agreement and Install Coordinators new agreement.

Riverhead Richmond: Negotiations cancelled due to Pandemic. Will probably continue via teleconference soon.

Sprague Energy: Latest round of negotiations cancelled because their Lawyer self-quarantined due to the pandemic.

South County Hospital: Employees working overtime trying to keep ahead of the cleaning and sanitizing of the Hospital while practicing Covid 19 protocols. This end of the State has less Coronavirus reported cases but it still is a very valid concern to the maintenance crew.

Urban Services: Reduced hours but full pay. Not sure if Government will shut down but good for now.

Woods Service Techs: Negotiations continue there, with a strong contract expected, similar to Petro.

YRC: Weekly layoffs in effect but still moving America’s needs. Business levels down but hoping they will improve when this Corona virus passes. There is talk of eliminating 2 road bids temporarily. So far no reported illnesses.

All in all, my groups have remained working and virus free and I hope it stays that way. I have never spent as many hours on the computer and phone in my life.

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