Dave Robbins Contract Report March 2020

Petro: Four contracts we have with Petro expire March 31, 2020. We had already scheduled a series of meetings this month to bargain the successor contracts. We’ve continued to meet over the last two weeks on a remote basis. Written proposals are exchanged by email, and we use conference calling to present and bargain our contract demands; the Company does the same. Our Union caucuses are also by conference calling.

Petro: Drivers, Mechanics, Oil Dispatchers: In addition to me and B.A. Bob Sayer, this Union committee includes Steward Paul Coletta and Steward Dan Dupere.

Petro Service Technicians: In addition to me and B.A. Bob Sayer, this Union committee includes Steward John Hurst, Anthony Renaud, and Patrick Paolozzi.

Wood’s Heating Service Technicians: Wood’s is owned by Petro. In addition to me and B.A. Bob Sayer, this Union committee includes Steward Ken Jodoin, and George Landry.

Petro Service Dispatchers: In addition to me and B.A. Bob Sayer, this Union committee includes Steward John Hurst and Donnie Marble. Petro notified the Union in early March that it was transferring that work and department to New York State. The Union immediately requested effects bargaining on that management decision. We are close to a closing agreement covering these four Union members working as Service Dispatchers.

We are scheduled to meet all day on March 30th and 31st to try and reach tentative agreements before midnight on March 31st .

Thanks to our Organizer Mike Simone, we have a newly organized unit at Petro of Installation Clerks and Coordinators. Petro has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Union guaranteeing that this new unit will be covered by Teamsters Local 251 Health Services & Insurance Plan and the New England Teamsters & Trucking Industry Pension Fund as well as the non-economic language that we have in our other contracts with Petro.

Riverhead Building Supply and Sprague Resources. Negotiations for first contracts for these two newly organized units continues. The bargaining process has been impacted by the current medical crises. However, the Union has been in contact with both of the out of state attorneys representing those companies, and we hope to get bargaining back on track shortly.

Providence Journal: The management team at Providence Journal may be hit with unfair labor practice charges shortly, as they have refused to meet and bargain in good faith as required by federal labor law. That contract remains in effect through the ongoing negotiations. The Union at this juncture believes our members there are better protected in the short-term by keeping the grievance/arbitration provisions in effect. A pending arbitration has been temporarily postponed. The grievance to be arbitrated is about wage/bonus increases the Employer failed to implement.

Crown Linen: The signing of the new contract covering our members formerly employed by New England Linen has been held up over two disputed issues. The Union and the Employer have been attempting to resolve the disputed issues. However, the terms and conditions of that contract have been implemented and the two disputed issues have not impacted our members as of this report.

Construction contracts: The bargaining schedule for the Master Heavy Highway, Master Ready Mix, and Master Attenuator contracts and all the “Me-Too” construction employers and DiGregorio Ready Mix contract has been disrupted by the current medical crises. The Construction Industries of Rhode Island employer representative has requested an extension of the Master Agreements. The Union has not agreed to extend as of this report. These contracts expire on April 30, 2020.

Bargaining demand notices have been sent covering the following members:

First Student Pawtucket

First Student Portsmouth

First Student Warren/Bristol

Ocean State Transit Coventry

Veolia Water

Thank you for your attention to this report. I hope that all members and their families are safe and healthy. We will win the battle against the Corona Virus the same way we win improved contracts: UNITY and SOLIDARITY, Together we will win. If any member wishes to speak with me concerning this report, please contact me at drobb.251@gmail.com or leave a voice message on my extension at the Local 401-434-0454 ext. 238.

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