Wage Hikes at First Student

Gina Mota

Gina Mota

“First Student had a driver shortage in three yards because people were going to another company that was offering a $2,000 bonus to new drivers.

“To make sure the company didn’t lose more drivers, First Student and the Union negotiated terms to offer every driver in the yard a raise, except for the top Senior Drivers. We were offered a one time bonus to get us to stay.”

“The top senior drivers met with our Business agent and decided we didn’t want a one-time bonus. We wanted a pay increase that will be there every time we get a paycheck.”

“We went back to First Student and won an extra 2.5 percent wage increase. It’s nice to see that in your paycheck.”

Gina Motta, Shop Steward First Student Warren Yard

First Student Group

The wage increases covers First Student drivers in three yards where the company had a driver shortage. Next up, First Student drivers in Providence are headed to the bargaining table. And next year, the national First Student contract will be negotiated.

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