Union Victories

RIH-contract-kickoffA Healthy Contract at Lifespan

Teamsters at Lifespan took on Rhode Island’s biggest employer by mobilizing a contract campaign that united the members.


first-student-meetingDriving Up Wages at First Student

It almost came to a strike but Providence school bus drivers came away with a strong contract, including raises of nearly 44% for some First Student drivers.


marc-mooradian-praxairPraxair Teamsters Win a Strong Contract & Fire Their Boss!

Last year, Praxair members won their “best contact ever,” says shop steward Marc Mooradian. The contract protects members’ pension and healthcare, adds two more paid sick days, protects seniority, and creates more union jobs. Members were happy with the contract improvements, but the plant manager was not.


jeff-gouchMembers at DiGregorio Concrete Strike to Win Good Contract

DiGregorio Concrete started negotiations by demanding a laundry list of concessions. But after a one-day strike, members changed the company’s attitude and won a contract that preserves their 8-hour guarantee, maintains funding for health & welfare and pension, and protects seniority.


 Big Wage Increases for Members At Marr Scaffolding

Members at Marr Scaffolding entered negotiations with wages as their top priority. Their new contract not only defeated concessions demanded by the company, but provides for the biggest wage increases members have ever seen.


Fall_River-City-Council-Hearing-150wSaving Teamster Jobs in Fall River

Some politicians wanted to privatize trash collection—a move that would have eliminated 30 good Teamster jobs. That’s when Local 251 members at the Fall River DPW took action.


mclaughlin-and-moran-logo-150wDelivering Union Rights at McLaughlin & Moran

Local 251 Teamsters at McLaughlin & Moran, Inc. deliver Budweiser products across the state. When management at the beer distributor tried to deny healthcare to injured workers, the company got a taste of real union contract enforcement.

casino-group-WEBCasino Teamsters Bet on Solidarity & It Pays Off

Teamsters at the Twin River Casino took a gamble that solidarity could beat corporate greed at Twin River Casino. Now they’ve beaten the house.


coval-150Standing Up at UPS

Fed up with excessive hours and workloads, Local 251 members at UPS launched a grievance campaign to enforce contract protections against excessive overtime.


Brian_Werth-UPS-150Union Action Makes UPS Deliver More Full-Time Jobs

UPS part-timers haven’t had a fair shot at full-time jobs
in years. But tougher contract enforcement is making UPS deliver more full-time jobs.


PJ KEating-150Building Union Power in Construction

“For the first time, the union brought us into negotiations to sit across the table from company. It made all the difference. We won a new classification in the contract with highest pay ever.”


Fire-Your-Boss-150Members Unite & Fire Their Boss

Fed up with a boss who harassed employees and made offensive remarks especially to women employees, Teamsters at the Woonsocket Housing Authority decided to do something about it.


airgas-group-150Unity Pays Off at Airgas

“When the company refused to make a fair offer, we got together and unanimously voted to authorize a strike. When the company refused to come back to the negotiating table, we filed unfair labor practice charges.”


petro-150Member Unity Beats healthcare Givebacks at Petro

The members stuck to the old union slogan that an injury to one is an injury to all and demanded no concessions for new hires.


first-student-group-150Wage Hikes at First Student

“The top senior drivers met with our Business agent and decided we didn’t want a one-time bonus.  We wanted a pay increase that will be there every time we get a paycheck.”

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