Fighting Union Busting in Fall River


Local 251 members stand united against union-busting in Fall River. We continue to bargain in good faith, but the same cannot be said for the City.

Instead, the Mayor has put politics first and recklessly rushed to privatize waste removal without considering the negative impact it will have on residents, the workers who provide services to Fall River residents on a daily basis, and the financial penalties that taxpayers will pay for legal violations by the Mayor’s office during the bargaining process.

We have filed charges with the Massachusetts Department of Labor Relations. A hearing is scheduled for May 23, 2016.

Our goal is to protect good union jobs and quality waste removal services for Fall River residents. That should be the Mayor’s goal too.

We are organizing an informational picket during the next Fall River City Council meeting—Tuesday, May 10 at 5pm, Fall River City Hall.  Come out and show your support, particularly Teamsters and union members in Fall River and surrounding communities. United, we win!




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