Members Vote for Reforms


Members voted overwhelmingly to approve reforms to our local union bylaws that build union power by empowering the membership. The changes were approved by a 90 percent vote.

Under the reforms, you have:

  • the right to elect your shop steward
  • the right to have rank-and-file members to your contract negotiating committee
  • the right to vote on salary increases for union officers and representatives

Members also approved a lower rate of union dues for all members who make less than $15 an hour and the establishment of a Local Union Strike Fund to help members win good contracts.

We put these reforms into effect in 2014 and they have paid off. Members have elected their shop stewards and contract negotiating committees and won strong contracts.

Now, these reforms have  been passed as permanent changes to the Local 251 Bylaws. The bylaws are the rules that govern our local union.

Union power starts with you. Thanks to all the members who turned out to vote.

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