Hospital Teamsters Won Best Contract in Years

In 2019, more than 2,500 Teamsters who work at Rhode Island Hospital won their best contract in years with wage increases, a $15 minimum wage, Teamster health care, retirement security, and job security protections.

Members set these bargaining goals by speaking out at meetings and filling out contract surveys.

A Contract Action Team organized unity actions and members stood behind the elected Negotiating Committee to win contract improvements. Members approved the contract with a 97.5% yes vote.

“This is the best contract I’ve seen in my 25 years as a Rhode Island Hospital Teamster,” said Paul Santos, Local 251 President and an over 30-year veteran hospital employee.

“We’re very proud of the membership. You don’t win a contract like that without sticking together,” Secretary-Treasurer and principal officer Matt Taibi said.


Management tried to stick us with 2.25% increases every 15 months. That would have meant just four raises in five years. We won five annual raises of 3% each.


We brought the Fight for $15 to Lifespan and we won! By the end of the contract, every Teamster at Rhode Island Hospital will make a starting rate of at least $15 an hour.


We won Teamster healthcare for every benefit-eligible Teamster. This victory means better benefits for part-timers and a stronger Health Fund for every Teamster.


By the end of the contract:

  • On-call pay will be $2.30/hr
  • Weekend differential will be $2.50/hr
  • Evening differential will be $1.40/hr
  • Night differential will be $1.95/hr


Your retirement. Your choice. You can stay in Lifespan Core or choose a 401K with a matching contribution from Lifespan up to 6%.


We protected No Layoff protections, and we won faster time frames for transfers and bumping rights on permanent shift changes.

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