Tentative Agreement Reached on Rhode Island Hospital Contract


Contract Delivers Job Security, Wage Increases, & No Givebacks

March 20, 2015: Teamster members at Rhode Island Hospital have mobilized and united for a fair contract. Now, our unity has paid off.

Tonight, the Union Bargaining Committee reached a tentative agreement with Lifespan on a four-year contract that will deliver $19 million in improved wages and benefits to Teamsters at Lifespan.

In a sharp break with the past, the proposed contract includes no concessions or givebacks.

The tentative agreement was reached late Friday night after Lifespan negotiators gave in and agreed to major changes on pay increases, job security, and pay protection.

The contract includes $1.80 in wage increases over the life of the contract and an increase in the shift differential. Full-time employees will get a $225 bonus upon contract ratification; part-time employees will get a $110 bonus.

The new contract includes strong No Layoffs protections. All employees who have three years of seniority cannot be laid off. Going forward, all employees will be covered by the No Layoffs clause when they reach five years of seniority.

We also won groundbreaking language that protects your pay if your job is subcontracted and you have to bump to a new position.

Members at Rhode Island Hospital have won these gains and more by mobilizing and sticking together in a grassroots campaign for a fair contract.

Together, we have built a stronger, more democratic, more transparent and more united union. We have forged new alliances with the community. We have found our voice and we will continue to speak out for good jobs and quality care. 

The proposed contract will be put to a vote of all Teamsters at Rhode Island Hospital. The date and times of the contract ratification vote will be announced soon. Stay tuned.

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