Rhode Island Hospital Contract Campaign

contract-vote-sat-march-28-color-150-100RIH Contract Vote, Saturday, March 28

The Union Bargaining Committee has reached a tentative agreement on a 4-year contract that delivers $19 million in improvements for Teamster members at Rhode Island Hospital. The latest contract bulletin summarizes some of the highlights of the proposed agreement. Members won all of these improvements and more because they stayed informed, involved and united.

group-150-100Tentative Agreement Reached on Rhode Island Hospital Contract

Teamster members at Rhode Island Hospital have mobilized and united for a fair contract. Now, our unity has paid off. The Union Bargaining Committee reached a tentative agreement with Lifespan on a four-year contract that will deliver $19 million in improved wages and benefits to Teamsters at Lifespan.

piles-of-american-money-facebook-150-100Retirement Rip-Off

Lifespan spent $3.89 million on an extra retirement plan for a handful of executives. That’s more than they spent on every Teamster employee’s retirement plan put together.

fingerpointing-on-understaffing-150-cropYou’ll Never Believe Who Lifespan Blames for Short Staffing. YOU!

Finger-pointing Lifespan executives say that employees are the ones to blame for short-staffing. Hospital officials told an RIPR healthcare reporter that, “It’s been tough to keep staffing levels up because a lot of union employees are out on leaves of absence.”

Hospital Contract Update – Feb. 19

Yesterday, Local 251 members at Rhode Island Hospital voted by 95 percent to send Lifespan a message. Today that message was heard loud and clear–and it paid dividends at the bargaining table, where we were joined by a Federal Mediator.

strike-notice-vote-cropA BIG YES for a Fair Contract, Good Jobs & Quality Care

Teamster members voted by 95% to authorize the Bargaining Committee to issue a 10-day strike notice to Rhode Island Hospital, if Lifespan executives continue to reject our contract proposals for good jobs and quality patient care. The vote was 628 yes to 35 no.

contract-update-feb-13-updated-cropHospital Contract Update – Feb. 13

With a strike notice authorization vote on the way and over 20,000 public supporters speaking out, management is feeling the heat, and it’s starting to pay off in negotiations. The Hospital took several demands for givebacks off the table in negotiations on Thursday.

delegation-cropYou Won’t Believe What Lifespan Execs Did Now

A community delegation, including a member of the State Legislature, brought over 20,000 petition signatures to negotiations today to ask Lifespan to put patients first. Hospital executives slammed the door in their face.

Patient’s Daughter Speaks Out

Have you seen this email from Katherine Ahlquist, the daughter of a Rhode Island Hospital patient?  On Thursday, Katherine led a community delegation to talk to Lifespan Executives and deliver over 20,000 petition signatures–and they they slammed the door in her face.  Read the story that Lifespan was too ashamed to face.

meeting-10-day-authorization-vote-web-cropImportant Membership Vote

Teamster employees at Rhode Island Hospital are trying to negotiate a Fair Contract. But management’s demands would destroy our job security and move us backwards, not forwards. After careful consideration, the Bargaining Team and Contract Action Team have unanimously agreed to schedule a strike notice authorization vote for this Sunday, Feb. 15.

faqs-on-strike-authorization_page_1-cropFAQs on the Strike Notice Authorization Vote

Does a strike notice authorization vote mean we’re going on strike? No. A strike notice authorization vote does not mean we’re going on strike. Many more steps would have to happen before any strike, including a second vote by the members to specifically authorize a strike.

kiss-your-rights-goodbye-150Under RIH’s Proposal, It’s Kiss Your Rights Goodbye

Whenever positions have been eliminated in the past at Rhode Island Hospital, employees have always had the right to use their seniority to bump into a new position.  But under RIH’s current contract proposal, it’s kiss your seniority rights goodbye.

Hospital Contract Update – Feb. 9

After accusing members of whining about the Hospital’s unfair inclement weather policy, management cut contract talks short today due to “inclement weather.” You can’t make this up. Negotiations lasted long enough for us to give the Hospital revised economic proposals.  You can download or read them here.

layoffs-at-lifespan-final-150Layoffs at Lifespan?

Teamsters at Rhode Island Hospital named “Job Security” a top priority in our contract survey. From day one, we have brought fair proposals to the bargaining table to protect our jobs. In return, Lifespan’s negotiators have demanded the end to all job security rights.

blow-the-whistle-color-150Call the Hotline & Blow the Whistle

Teamsters Local 251 is bringing proposals to Hospital management to address employees’ concerns about problems that undermine quality patient care.


contract-update-feb-6-color-150Hospital Contract Update – Feb. 6

Rhode Island Hospital employees and community supporters are speaking up loud and clear for a fair contract, good jobs and quality care.


251-picket-line-150United in Action

Thank you to everyone for your tremendous showing of support at the informational picket line! Local 251 members and our supporters in the community and the labor movement turned out in force in front of Rhode Island Hospital.

lifespan-says-no-150Lifespan Says “No” to Good Jobs and Quality Care

More than 2,200 Lifespan employees are trying to reach an agreement with Rhode Island Hospital to protect Good Jobs & Quality Care at Rhode Island Hospital. But Lifespan says No.

contract-bulletin-jan-15-thumbHospital Contract Update – Jan. 15

With their insulting contract proposals on Monday, management told every Teamster at the Hospital that they are not interested in hearing our concerns. But workers at Rhode Island Hospital are speaking up and sending a message that cannot be ignored.

lifespan-doesnt-want-to-listen-color-thumbLifespan Doesn’t Want to Listen

Management’s response in contract negotiations on Monday, Jan. 12 can be summed up in one word. NO. Come to the Speak-Out on Saturday at at Our Lady of the Rosary Church on 463 Benefit Street at 4 p.m. We can make the Hospital listen if we make our voices heard.

slap-in-the-face-thumbHospital Proposals are a Slap in the Face

Management’s contract proposals are a slap in the fact to every Rhode Island Hospital employee and every person in the community that is concerned about good jobs and quality patient care. Click here to get instantly slapped and read the Hospital’s proposals for yourself.

worker-community-speakout-thumbWorker and Community Speakout – Jan. 17

Come to the Worker and Community Speakout on Saturday, January 17 at 4 p.m. Rhode Island needs good jobs and quality healthcare in our community. That’s why Teamster members and the community are uniting to win a Fair Contract, Good Jobs & Quality Care at Rhode Island Hospital.

new-years-resolutions-thumbNew Year’s Resolutions for a Fair Contract in 2015

Job security, safe staffing, fair wages and better retirement. Those are just some of the improvements members at Rhode Island Hospital are committed to winning in 2015.

contract update jan 5 - thumbHospital Contract Update – Jan. 5

The holidays are behind us and we’ve turned the page on a new year. What’s our resolution for 2015? To win a Fair Contract, Good Jobs & Quality Care!

contract update Dec 17-150Hospital Contract Update – Dec. 17

Contract negotiations with Rhode Island Hospital continued on Dec. 16. We put proposals on the table to fight for fair wages, quality healthcare, and retirement security, including wage increases, quality, affordable Teamster health benefits, better retirement benefits for all members, and increases in shift differential and on-call pay

ECONOMIC PROPOSALS TO LIFESPAN-150Opening Economic Proposals

Click here to download the Opening Economic Proposals presented by the Union Negotiating Committee.


contract-update-dec-10-150Hospital Contract Update – Dec. 10

We had productive contract talks with the Hospital today and reached an agreement to extend the current contract until Jan. 16 while negotiations continue.

contract-update-nov252-150Hospital Contract Update – Nov. 25

Your Union Negotiating committee met with management on Tuesday, November 25. Many contract proposals were discussed. Both sides made modifications to some proposals. We reached Tentative Agreements on a number of minor issues.

Epic Update Meetings this Saturdayepic update meetings-150

Management is required by law to negotiate with your union about Epic’s affects on Teamster employees.  On Saturday, Nov. 22, we will hold two Epic Update Meetings at noon and 4 pm at the Union Hall, 121 Brightridge Ave, East Providence.  Click to download a bulletin and a list of job titles NOT affected by Epic.

contract-update-nov-19-color-150Hospital Contract Update – Nov. 19

Your Union Bargaining Committee met with management today for five hours of bargaining discussions. While there were no major breakthroughs, the discussions were productive. Click here to download the Nov. 19 Contract Bulletin.

summary-opening-proposals-150First Bargaining Proposals

The Union Negotiating Committee and the Hospital have exchanged the first bargaining proposals. These are the opening proposals and will change with the give and take of negotiations. Economic issues like fair wages, healthcare and retirement will be addressed later in negotiations. Our contract goals are spelled out in our Bargaining Platform.

contract-update-oct-29-color-150wHospital Contract Negotiations Update – Thursday, Oct. 30

Find out what happened in contract negotiations. Download the latest bulletin and pass it along. Information + Unity = Power to Win a Fair Contract.

armando-150Video: Contract Kickoff at RI Hospital

Teamsters from Rhode Island Hospital and supporters from other unions and the community flooded the Union Hall to launch our Campaign for a Fair Contract. Here’s a video of some of the highlights.

bargaining-update-oct-21-web-150wHospital Contract Negotiations Update – Tuesday, Oct. 21

The Union Contract Negotiating Committee sat down across the table from management for the first time on Tuesday, Oct. 21.

paul-santos-kickoff-150wPresident Paul Santos’ Opening Statement

To begin negotiations, Local 251 President Paul Santos gave the following Opening Statement to Lou Sperling and management’s bargaining committee.

bargaining_committee-150wYour Contract Negotiating Committee

Members at Rhode Island Hospital voted unanimously to approve the committee that will meet with management to bargain our new contract.


kickoff1-150wText CONTRACT to 313131.

Sign up to get Contract Updates right to your cell phone by by text message.


kickoff2-150wCall the Teamster Contract Hotline at 888-837-4536.

It will be updated whenever there is contract news to report.


RIH-cat-crop-150-100Our Bargaining Platform

Download our Bargaining Platform which was unanimously approved by the members at the Contract Kickoff meeting. These are the issues we are taking to management.

DSC_6570-150Contract Update: Members Unite at Contract Kickoff

Teamsters from Rhode Island Hospital packed the Union Hall to kick off our Campaign for a Fair Contract on Oct. 18.

 rih-contract-button-crop-150-100Link Up on Facebook

We’ve launched a Facebook page to keep members informed and united. Like us here.


chloe-sousa-150-100RI Hospital Teamsters Speak Out

Teamsters at RI Hospital speak out on contract negotiations and some of the key issues we face.


bulletin-1-crop-150Contract Update – September 2014

Contract negotiations will begin on October 21, but members are already getting involved. You have filled out contract surveys and identified higher wages, better retirement benefits, and protecting our healthcare as the top economic priorities. Job security, safe staffing, and harassment were named as some of the other top problems.

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