A Healthy Contract at Lifespan

Teamsters at Lifespan took on Rhode Island’s biggest employer by mobilizing a contract campaign that united the members.

The result? A four-year contract that delivers $19 million in improvements. In contract surveys, members identified Job Security as their number one issue. Management wanted to lay off up to 95 workers and eliminate the contract’s No Layoffs clause. Members took action on the job and in the community.

With public support, we won No Layoff protections and other job security protections. The contract also delivered $1.80 in wage increases and a higher shift differential. For the first time, members’ retirement is guaranteed in the contract and protected from any cuts or changes. Lifespan will increase the money it puts into workers’ Core Retirement Plan as their wages increase.

We won these improvements and more because members stayed informed, involved and united. Together, we’ve built a stronger, more democratic union. We’ve found our voice and we will keep using it to speak out for good jobs and quality care.

United, We Beat the Givebacks!

The last contract with Lifespan included concessions and side deals that were hidden from the membership by former Local 251 officials.
Members chose new leadership and a new direction for Local 251—and it paid off in the new contract. Together, we defeated management’s demands for givebacks.

Giveback Demanded by Management

  • Eliminate the No Layoffs clause
  • Take away overtime after four hours and longevity pay
  • All employees forced into the Lifespan medical plan
  • Gut seniority and bidding rights under Epic

What We Won

  • Strong No Layoffs protections
  • Overtime and longevity pay fully protected
  • Teamster health benefits maintained
  • Full seniority and bidding rights under Epic

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