Praxair Teamsters Win a Strong Contract & Fire Their Boss!

Marc Mooradian, Praxair Steward

Marc Mooradian, Praxair Steward

Last year, Praxair members won their “best contact ever,” says shop steward Marc Mooradian. The contract protects members’ pension and healthcare, adds two more paid sick days, protects seniority, and creates more union jobs. Members were happy with the contract improvements, but the plant manager was not.

“He was always trying to throw his weight around and with new union leadership he thought he could push us around even more,” Mooradian said. With no warning, the manager changed workers’ schedules so they were forced to work until 11 at night on Fridays—a violation of their union past practice rights. Members had enough and took action. They got together and every member signed a group grievance to oppose the change and protest the non-stop harassment.

Upper management reacted by reaching out to the shop steward, Mooradian. A few days later, the manager was gone. “The past few months have been good,” says Mooradian. “Improvements in the contract and new plant management have made a big difference.”

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