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Tell UPS: Get Out of ALEC

ALEC is an organization that sets up meetings for companies, like UPS and FedEx, to meet with state legislators to develop and promote anti-worker, anti-union legislation that directly hurts working families. Many Teamster members took action to tell UPS how we feel about the companie’s involvement with ALEC. UPS heard us, but as of now, UPS is continuing to support ALEC.

Why is ALEC so bad for working families? Because it pushes model legislation like the:

Now, UPS is sponsoring ALEC’s annual meeting at a luxury resort in San Diego starting tomorrow. In 2014 and previous years, UPS has paid $25,000 to attend. Why is UPS paying tens of thousands of dollars to support legislation that hurts its workforce, and runs contrary to UPS’s own business model?

TAKE ACTION by telling UPS to sever ties with ALEC. Click here to email UPS executives, or call (855) 974-4180 to report anonymously to UPS that you view its membership in ALEC as a slap in the face to working families.

ALEC: Bad for UPS, worse for you.

Financial Reforms Pay Off For Members

matt-taibi-200-225Local 251 members are stepping up and getting involved and your actions are paying off. We’re winning strong contracts, organizing the unorganized and building a stronger political voice for working people. Our union’s financial reforms are paying off too.

When members voted for new leadership and a new direction in our local, the officers who lost the election cashed out over $129,000 in vacation pay and benefits. Our union treasury took a big hit as a result, but we took action to make sure that members didn’t take a hit too.

Driving Up Wages at First Student

first-student-meetingIt almost came to a strike but Providence school bus drivers came away with a strong contract, including raises of nearly 44% for some First Student drivers.

When contract negotiations covering 184 school bus drivers at First Student came to a head, management refused to give ground on a key demand of the members: to increase their guaranteed hours from 2½ to 3 hours per shift. Then they voted 90 to 6 against management’s “last, best and final offer” and voted to go on strike after the February school break if the company didn’t make an increase in guaranteed pay retroactive.

A Healthy Contract at Lifespan

Teamsters at Lifespan took on Rhode Island’s biggest employer by mobilizing a contract campaign that united the members.

The result? A four-year contract that delivers $19 million in improvements. In contract surveys, members identified Job Security as their number one issue. Management wanted to lay off up to 95 workers and eliminate the contract’s No Layoffs clause. Members took action on the job and in the community.

Praxair Teamsters Win a Strong Contract & Fire Their Boss!

marc-mooradian-praxairLast year, Praxair members won their “best contact ever,” says shop steward Marc Mooradian. The contract protects members’ pension and healthcare, adds two more paid sick days, protects seniority, and creates more union jobs. Members were happy with the contract improvements, but the plant manager was not.

“He was always trying to throw his weight around and with new union leadership he thought he could push us around even more,” Mooradian said. With no warning, the manager changed workers’ schedules so they were forced to work until 11 at night on Fridays—a violation of their union past practice rights. Members had enough and took action. They got together and every member signed a group grievance to oppose the change and protest the non-stop harassment.

Freight update: Standing Up for Safety

Imagine you’re driving down the highway behind a semi and you see the trailer detach from the truck. Now, imagine being behind the wheel of the truck waiting for that accident to happen. Local 251 members at YRC and New Penn don’t have to imagine. A faulty release valve used on many Volvo trucks at YRC and New Penn has caused trailers to drop in yards.

UPS Driver Saves Customer’s Life

riannaMike Rianna, a UPS package driver, has seen a lot in his 17 years on the job. But nothing compares to the day last December when his actions saved a customer’s life. Rianna stopped at a house where he usually leaves packages at the front door. But it was freezing cold, so when he saw the garage door was open he looked inside to deliver the package directly to the customer.

Instead, Mike Rianna found a woman lying motionless on the ground. While his helper called 911, Rianna was able to get her to come to, enough to help her inside the house and out of the cold. Inside, the woman began to convulse with a seizure. Mike and his helper waited with her until the paramedics arrived.