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Your Contract Negotiating Committee

bargaining_committee-bannerMembers at Rhode Island Hospital voted unanimously to approve the committee that will meet with management to bargain our new contract.

The Negotiating Committee includes Local 251 officers and representatives as well as Teamsters who work at the Hospital, including: Bob Antaya (Facilities), Armando Brasil (CNA), Decio Goulart (Laundry), Brooke Reeves (Clerical), Gary DaSilva (MRI) and Antonio Suazo (Transport).

The Local 251 officers and representatives on the Negotiating Committee include: Secretary-Treasurer Matthew Taibi, President Paul Santos, Contract Coordinator David Robbins, Business Agent Eddie Carreiro and Negotiator/Spokesperson Stefan Ostrach.

RIH Contract Bulletin

Pages from contract bulletin #1Contract negotiations will begin on October 21, but members are already getting involved.

You have filled out contract surveys, spoken out on the issues and made your voices heard.

Members identified higher wages, better retirement benefits, and protecting our healthcare as the top economic priorities.

You also named job security, understaffing, and harassment among top issues that need to be addressed.

Instead of dealing with these problems, management said the current contract should be extended for another year, with no changes in contract language. Management called for a one-time bonus and no wage increases.

The Contract Action Team (CAT) voted unanimously against this approach. It’s time to deal with members’ concerns and negotiate a new contract.

The Contract Action Team includes more than 50 stewards and volunteers from different departments and shifts. Their job is to keep members informed and united throughout negotiations.

Local 251 members elected a Contract Negotiating Committee as part of the voting for shop stewards in February.

The Negotiating Committee and the CAT are going through the surveys and putting together contract proposals. This includes proposals to protect members’ job security and rights as the Hospital prepares to implement EPIC.

The Bargaining Platform will be presented to the members at an important Contract Meeting on Saturday, October 18.

Stay informed. Stay united!

Click here to download the 2-page Contract Update.

Read more here on what Rhode Island Hospital members have to say.

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