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Local 251 Sells Fleet of Cars to Benefit Members

Cars to be sold in sealed bid auction.

UPDATED April 14, 2014: For years, Local 251 officials maintained a fleet of union cars that were used by the Business Agents but paid for with your dues money. We don’t believe this is the right policy for our Union and we are making a u-turn.

Union representatives now drive their own cars and receive a modest car allowance to compensate them for wear and tear. This is standard procedure in Teamster local unions and it will save you dues money.

Teamsters Local 251 is selling the fleet of cars used by the old administration and putting the funds to work for the membership.

We are selling the cars off through a sealed bid auction of the cars.

Any member of Local 251 is eligible to submit bids for the cars listed in the announcement of the auction here. The car will be awarded to the highest bidder as long as that bid is above the value of the car.

The sealed bids will be opened at the next monthly meeting, Sunday April 27, 2014.

Rallying with Hotel Workers

Thanks to all the Local 251 members who came out to the rally to support hotel workers who are organizing for justice.

Local 251 stands behind workers at the Hilton Providence as they organize for better working conditions, higher pay and respect.

Shop Steward Seminars

Thanks to all the shop stewards who attended the training on Investigating Disciplinary Grievances on February 22.

Our next shop steward seminar will be held after the General Membership Meeting on Sunday, March 30. The topic will be Dealing with Supervisors in the Office.

Members Put an End to Secret Deals at R.I. Hospital

Former Local 251 officers signed illegal side agreements with R.I. Hospital that gutted members’ rights. They kept these deals secret from the members. But the days of secrecy are over in Local 251.

President and Business Agent Paul Santos negotiated a mid-contract agreement that protects members’ seniority and bumping rights if management changes their status as a part-time, full-time or temporary employee.

But before the change went into effect, Santos insisted the agreement had to be voted on by the members. More than 500 Hospital Teamsters attended a union meeting to discuss the change. Members voted 501 to 12 to back the new agreement.

“Members sent a message to the hospital that it’s a new day in this union,” said President Paul Santos. “Teamsters at the Hospital are going to be informed and we’re going to be united and prepared for contract negotiations,” Santos said.