Tom Salvatore BA Report March 2020

The Current Pandemic involving the COVID-19 Virus has affected our members on the job in ways like never before seen. In the form of unprecedented layoffs, changing the manner in which they do their jobs on a daily basis; anxiety, stress, and uncertainty at home and in the workplace. Many […]

Dave Robbins Contract Report March 2020

Petro: Four contracts we have with Petro expire March 31, 2020. We had already scheduled a series of meetings this month to bargain the successor contracts. We’ve continued to meet over the last two weeks on a remote basis. Written proposals are exchanged by email, and we use conference calling […]

Bob Sayer BA Report March 2020

ABF: Layoffs in effect. 2 of 3 Utility runs cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic. All Road jobs that can be converted to Meet and Turns will be done until the crisis is over. Sanctioned by the IBT. Airgas: Business levels slowing down but all employees are working. Very little […]

Matt Maini March 2020 BA Report

UPS Safety committees worked with all stewards this week and we were able to get supplies for cleaning building. Hours of service was relaxed per the DOT, FMCSA and President of the United States. We are seeing peak like numbers and have rental trucks on property to move more work. […]

Paul Santos President Report March 2020

First and foremost, I want to praise wholeheartedly our members from Rhode Island Hospital. During these dark times due to this COVID-19 crisis, our members of RIH have continually met that challenge. They’re right on the front lines of this crisis in caring for our patients on a daily basis. […]

March 2020 Monthly Union Reports

As we announced, the March 2020 monthly membership meeting was cancelled. We are reviewing guidance and will determine the status of future scheduled monthly meetings. In place of the Reports given at Monthly Membership meetings, we are giving brief reports spanning the time between monthly meetings. Here is the March […]