Building Union Power in Construction

“The bosses came to the bargaining table demanding a laundry list of givebacks on everything from seniority to holiday pay to work rules that affect our jobs day-to-day. We held our ground on each and every one. And we won a contract that preserves top-shelf pension and healthcare benefits.”

Mike Klitzer, Cardi Ready Mix

“For the first time, the union brought us into negotiations to sit across the table from company. It made all the difference. We won a new classification in the contract with highest pay ever.”

Paul Dimascio, PJ Keating

Saving Teamster Jobs in Fall River

Teamsters at the Fall River DPW handle 540,000 pounds of trash a week. But with the landfill running out of room, something had to give. Some politicians wanted to privatize trash collection—a move that would have eliminated 30 good Teamster jobs. That’s when Local 251 members at the Fall River […]

RIH Healthcare Benefits Update: Dependent Eligibility Expanded

Effective July 1, 2014, as required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Plan is extending eligibility for health coverage to all dependent children of members who have not attained age twenty-six (26). The Plan will no longer exclude eligible children for coverage who have access to their own employment-based health coverage. If your eligible child has been excluded from the Plan’s health coverage for this reason, please contact the Fund Office at (401) 467-3323 for an enrollment form and instructions on how to enroll your child for coverage effective July 1, 2014.

Click here to read a notice on these changes.

UPS Contracts in Effect

UPDATED, May 9, 2014: As of Friday, April 25, the 2013-2018 national UPS contract and New England Supplement went into effect.

2013-2018 UPS National Contract

2013-2018 New England Supplement

UPDATE for Part-Timers: The International Union has issued bulletins for wage increases and progression over the life of the new contract for Part-time Preloaders and Sorters and for all other Part-timers.

Click here to read the notice to members from the International Union on the new contracts.

UPS members will receive their 70 cent contractual wage increase on your paychecks for all hours worked last week. Retro checks for all hours worked since August 1, 2013 will be issued on or about May 27.

Click here to read a notice to members from the International Union on Pay Increases and Retro Checks.